Who We Are

Hands in the Earth has become a trusted name from Sonoma County, growing craft cannabis since 2010, currently on a 1/4 acre farm located in Healdsburg, CA. 

Farming without the need for harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, our special cultivation methods employ the use of raw materials, living soil, and old methods of farming.

We’ve spent many years learning and refining these methods, while collecting some of the finest genetics in the world.  We are always on the hunt for new strains, and are completely devoted to the evolution of the plant, its cultivation process, and its medical potential.


We grow our cannabis with organic soils and fertilizers. We do not use harmful pesticides or herbicides.

We show our  neighbors and our environment respect.

Craft Cannabis

Each flavor has been hand picked by our expert genetics managers to assure that, whatever the strain, it will be of the best flavors and potencies. We continue to research our cannabis to consistently grow better cannabis for the community.


Everything that goes into our cannabis is of the highest quality and from organic and natural resources. Lots of hands caring directly to each and every plant assure they are happy and healthy from seed or clone to our hand-packaged, glass jar eighths.

Glass Jars

Our product is kept in high quality glass jars to preserve all of the carefully crafted flavors, vibrant colors, and potency.

Small Batch

Our farm is a small local business in Sonoma County, CA. Hands in the Earth is proud to produce small batches of classic and new flavors, keeping our variety fresh with limited edition flavors as well as reliable with our favorite classics that always come back.

Compliant Packaging

Our team has worked hard to stay compliant in every aspect. We are proud to provide products in high-quality glass jars that preserve the quality of our cannabis while remaining compliant to the new packaging laws of California.